EsMYC (Escrowed MYC)

Escrowed MYC (esMYC)

A component of LP's return will be given in esMYC rewards. esMYC is a token which has a right to vest into $MYC when staked in the esMYC vesting vault. The vesting period will be linearly over 6 months. To vest esMYC into MYC, users will need to deposit them in the esMYC vesting vault. esMYC can be transfered to another address and remain eligible to vest to MYC.

Vesting Rate

After initiating vesting, the esMYC tokens will be converted into MYC every second and will fully vest over 6-months. esMYC tokens that have been converted into MYC are claimable at anytime.
The following image demonstrates the interaction between MLP, esMYC, and MYC: