MLP Token

Contract Address

The MLP contract address is 0xC74fE4c715510Ec2F8C61d70D397B32043F55Abe (arbiscan link here).


LPs enter the Mycelium Liquidity Pool by depositing in one of the whtelisted assets into the pool. In exchange for this, LPs are given an equivalent amount of LP tokens (named MLP token). The LP token is priced equal to the value of the pool’s asset divided by the supply of LP tokens. As such, the MLP Token price is calculated by the following equation:
MLP Token Price=USD value of assets in poolNumber of MLP TokensMLP\ Token\ Price = \frac{USD\ value\ of\ assets \ in\ pool}{Number\ of\ MLP\ Tokens}

Entry and Exit Fees

A fee is charged to mint and burn MLP tokens. To attract agents to bring the pool “productive assets” (assets with a weighting below its target), the system waives (or significantly reduces) the entry fee. In the same vain, to deter agents from bringing the pool “unproductive assets” (assets with weighting above its target), the system charges those users a greater entry fee.
Accordingly, the system will lower the exit fee on "unproductive assets" to incentivise agents to withdraw these assets. Exit fees are increased on "productive assets" in order to deter agents from withdrawing these fees.
The base fee to deposit and withdraw assets from the liquidity pool is 0.18%.

Redemption Time Delay

Note that there is a MLP tokens must be held for 15 minutes post-entry, before you can exit the MLP pool.