5. How to earn rewards

Step 1: Click "Earn" and Stake

Once you provide liquidity (buy MLP tokens), you will need to stake them in order to earn rewards. After buying your MLP tokens, they will automatically be staked and you will start earning Escrowed MYC and ETH rewards. you can check your rewards on the "Earn" page. Staking puts your tokens in a contract that releases rewards over time, so you'll have to sign a transaction in your wallet to enter. The longer you stake for, the more rewards you will accrue.

Step 2: Click "Claim" or "Compound"

You can claim your at any time by clicking the "Claim" button. When you're ready to get your MLP back, simply click "unstake". Alternatively, you can click "Compound" in order to convert your rewards for even more MLP by claiming your ETH rewards, and then instantaneously selling it to buy more MLP tokens. The new MLP tokens will be automatically staked.

Step 3: Vest the esMYC

A component of your rewards will be given in esMYC. esMYC is a token which has a right to vest into $MYC when staked in the esMYC vesting vault. The vesting period will be linearly over 6 months. To vest esMYC into MYC, you will need to deposit them in the esMYC vesting vault. To learn more about esMYC, see EsMYC (Escrowed MYC).